CIVA trophies, their origin and history

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CIVA trophies

A variety of beautiful and valuable trophies are held by CIVA and presented at the championships with which they are linked, along with the designated FAI and CIVA medals and certificates.

The trophies are described fully in FAI and CIVA Aerobatic Championship Trophies
(updated February 2016)


The Aresti Cup
World Aerobatic Champion, Power
Donated by Colonel Jose L. Aresti in the 1960's and first presented in 1964 to to Tomas Castaňo of Spain. Aresti served as CIVA President in 1968-1969 and was its President of Honour up until his death.


The Royal Aero Club Trophy
Womens World Aerobatic Champion, Power

Though Women's Champions have been named since the first competitions were held, no special trophy existed prior to this trophy’s creation. The Royal Aero Club Trophy was donated by the United Kingdom in 1986.


The Eric Müller Trophy
Winner - Unknown programmes at World Aerobatic Championships, Power

This trophy was first presented in 1994 and was donated to FAI by the Swiss Aerobatic Association.


The Nesterov Trophy
The winning Mens Team at the World Aerobatic Championships, Power

Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov was a Russian military pilot, an aircraft technical designer, and aerobatic pioneer.



The FAI Challenge Trophy
The winning Womens Team, World Aerobatic Championships, Power

The trophy was donated by the USSR in 1987.


The Darius and Girėnas Trophy
The winning Mens National Team at the European Aerobatic Championships, Power

The award is named after Lithuanian pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas, who flew their Bellanca CH-300 “Pacemaker” across the Atlantic Ocean, covering 3,984 miles (6,411 kilometers) without landing, in 37 hours, 11 minutes.


The Peter Celliers Trophy
World Advanced Aerobatic Champion

Celliers was instrumental in organizing the first World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Cape Town, South Africa in 1995. The trophy was donated by the South African Aero Club in 2000.

  The Roland Kűng Trophy for the
World Glider Aerobatic Champion

Roland Kűng played a key role in establishing the Swift aerobatic glider as the foremost aircraft for unlimited glider championships. The trophy was donated in 2016 and the WGAC winner receives a half-size replica to keep permanently.
  The Roland Kűng Trophy for the
World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion
This trophy, similar in size and construction to the Unlimited version, is awarded to winner of the WAGAC each year. As above, the recipient receives a half-size replica to keep permanently.

The Yak-52 Trophy
World Yak-52 Aerobatic Champion

Donated by South Africa.


The Yak-52 Team Trophy
The winning National Team at the World Yak-52 Aerobatic Championships

Donated by Russia.


The Manfred Strössenreuther Trophy
European Aerobatic Champion

Manfred Strössenreuther, a member of the German Aerobatic Team, was German National Champion five times. The trophy was donated in his honor by the Deutscher Aero Club.


The former Manfred Strössenreuther Trophy (now lost)
Winner - Final Freestyle, World Aerobatic Championships, Unlimited Power

It was last presented at the 24th World Aerobatic Championships in Grenada, Spain but after the awards ceremony the trophy unfortunately went missing and has not been located since.

  The Championship Organiser of the Year Trophy
As voted by championship competitors and officials each year

Donated by the British Aerobatic Association in 2015, the trophy bears a medal originally awarded to Claude Grahame-White in 1910. First awarded to the WGAC/WAGAC 2015 Organisers at the CIVA Plenary Conference that year.

As may be seen from the above list, CIVA as yet has no trophies related to glider championships. Delegates and NAC's are kindly requested to contact the CIVA President if they can find a way of providing suitable solutions in this area.


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