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CIVA history
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One area much needed on this website is a good history of winners and events since the CIVA wagon started rolling at the very first World Championship in 1960. Michael Garber's archive has the names and aeroplane types, but it would be good to dig much deeper and publish some interesting material on how those events really went, what were the big ideas and expectations of the day, how was the standard of flying - and judging too ...

Anyone out there with anything we could make use of to move this forward - please get in touch!

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Hi Nick,

basically the database is not used in the complete range yet and did not display everything possible in the web frontend. The freetext field currently used more or less for displaying copyrights for the pictures can include much more about pilots, planes and contests. Also I can add attachments like sequences or news articles. It is just a huge work to do so. If I get more informations and text to publish I am happy to include it.




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