A fresh start

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A fresh start
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The re-launch of this website in its new format should provide us all with a useful new place to do all manner of things that previously were not so easy. It gives us a central reference source for aerobatic information, advice and general help in every aspect of international aerobatic competition flying for everyone from pilots to judges, team managers to trainers, and NAC's to organisers.

Websites are a bit like newspapers however - today's news is tomorrow's wrapping paper, and we must work hard to keep this thing fresh and alive with current and forthcoming items of interest. Much of this must come from you the users, to complement whatever the web team do.

  • Got a good idea? Pass it on.
  • Think we could do better? Please tell the webmaster.
  • Agree or disagree with anything on the Forum pages - get a Registration Login and publish what you think.
  • Want to tell everyone about the things you would like CIVA to change - get a Registration Login and make a new Forum topic.

Whatever you do - don't do nothing!



That is awesome..... I am just testing the emailing from the website....

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