Judge Training and Seminars

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Judge Training and Seminars
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I have run many judging schools and seminars since the early 90's, in the old days simply going through the big book of rules. Over time however it has become clear that just 'doing the rule book' is boring - the classrom swiftly fills with sleepy people and afterwards students find it extremely hard to remember things.

Good lecture material that maintains interest and truly teaches the right stuff is hard to put together, but more recently with a good deal of help from other more accomplished teachers we have now assembled quite a good collection of clear and interesting material - a mix of PowerPoint presentations, videos and simple tests. All of this is now available in JUDGING > Judging Seminar material, and if you have a judging lecture on the horizon we strongly encourage you to download these files and start from there.

If during you judge teaching you find a better way to accomplish any of this vital work, please do pass your experiences back to us.

Good luck - we definitely need to raise our standards in this critical area.


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