New design Right and Left forms instead of A/B/C

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New design Right and Left forms instead of A/B/C
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A year or two ago South African judges started a new approach to writing their marks down, using the B or C forms then transferring the marks to their A form. The question is - why do we have the A/B/C forms system, would it be better to use just one Right and one Left form instead? This alternative is simpler to use and is already available as a print-out option from OpenAero (see here). What do you think?


We used this new design of form at a UK Int/Adv/Unl event last year. Judges and scribes said they were easy to use, though we had to point out that although the comments box is smaller when there are more than 10 figures the comments can be usefully put next to the figure as well. Overall they were well received, the system needs more testing and feedback.

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