The FairPlay System

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FPS - CIVA's Results Calculation System

At all CIVA classic aerobatic championships the 
calculation of pilots scores is carried out through a statistical system called "FairPlay", whose purpose is to detect and replace grades and scores that fall outside an acceptable range of variations for the whole panel - in short, to resolve marks and scores that are clearly different to the other judges so 
that the pilot gets a fair result. The CIVA FairPlay System (FPS) has changed remarkably little since first introduced in 2005, and is well respected as the most relaible way yet to catch 'unusual' marks and resolve bias among our panels of international judges.
This is a fairly complex subject, the currently used FairPlay algorithms being the end-result of many years of development work through which CIVA has employed increasingly refined statistical methods to ensure that its aerobatic championship results are fair and that pilots are always given the benefit of any doubt. Revisions to FPS have so far been strictly limited to the judging performance analysis, which from CIVA's ACRO scoring software are now linked to each judge at the foot of every online single-sequence results report. This is the foundation data for our annual judge selection process for all championships, which you will find below the links to the year's events results on the index page of the CIVA Results website.
A new "Short guide to How the FairPlay System works" is now available to spread a little understanding around Pilots and Judges alike, in an attempt to dispel the mysteries of FPS when viewing a Pilot's online score-sheet and reviewing the extensive performance analysis that we now publish for every judge. Hopefully this will lead to some smiles in place of that 'lost' look when paging through the contest results on the CIVA-Results website.
The documents below provide both a short and a longer version of the explanation for FPS, which we trust will impart the knowledge that you need to understand why CIVA's championship results website at provides so much information.
  1. A short guide to how the FairPlay System (FPS) works
  2. Processing Judges marks and CIVA’s FairPlay System (FPS)

Should any further information be required then please contact the FPS committee chairman as shown in the Committees and Working Groups section of the Document Store on this website.

July 2016


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