The Aerobatic Club of British Columbia

The Aerobatic Club of British Columbia, a non-profit society for the promotion of aerobatic aviation as a hobby and sport, was established in 1972, and was originally known as the Vancouver Aerobatic Club.  

In it’s original form, the club was chapter 18 of the International Aerobatic Club, which at the time was comprised of both Canadian and American aerobatic clubs.  Since then, the IAC has become an all American organization, and Chapter 85 of the EAA (an organization of which the aerobatic club was an off-shoot) has become Chapter 85 of the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA).

The club’s first aerobatic competition was held in 1978, and took place over the Boundary Bay airport, using the Delta airpark for takeoff and landing operations.  In the early 1980s the club’s aerobatic competition moved to the Abbotsford International Airport.  Contests were held there until 2007.

In the mid 1980s, Aerobatics Canada was formed, and the club transitioned from an IAC chapter to a chapter of the Canadian organization.  The club was originally designated as Chapter 7 of Aerobatics Canada, however a logo was created which assumed the club would be Chapter 8 and included this number in its design.  The logo was kept and the club remained Chapter 8.  To this day there is no Chapter 7.

The Aerobatic Club  of British Columbia


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