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CIVA Rules Proposals for 2017


Following the July 1st deadline for rules proposals from delegates to be presented and discussed at the 2016 plenary conference in Romania later this year, CIVA Rules Committee chairman Matthieu Roulet has assembled the proposals received and this document is now available for download from the Documents page on the FAI / CIVA website.

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New explanation of CIVA's FairPlay System published

The CIVA FairPlay System (FPS) has changed remarkably little since first introduced in 2005, and is well respected as the most relaible way yet to catch 'unusual' marks and resolve bias among our panels of international judges. Revisions to FPS have so far been strictly limited to the judging analysis, which from CIVA's ACRO scoring software are now linked to every online single-sequence results report.
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Section-6 Part-1 Power Regulations now available


The 2016 CIVA Section-6 Part-1 Regulations are now available for download from the Document Store. These have undergone an extensive revision to the structure this year aimed at collecting together 'like' subjects in a simpler arrangement, and now incorporate the 'new' Free Known Programme-1 information for the first time.

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Section-6 Part-3 update for the 2015 WAG published


This regulatory document for the 2015 World Air Games in Dubai is now published as a pdf and can be downloaded from the CIVA Document Store. For power pilots we have reverted to the 'normal' four programme Known, Free, Free-Unknown and Freestyle setup for 2015, while for the glider pilots the four programmes are the normal Free, an Unknown, and then two new format Freestyle programmes with all-new marking criteria.

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