Updated Championship News for 2017


The 2017 Championships Calendar is now set to offer a full series of classic events for both glider and power aerobatics, depending of course on how the voting approvals go at the plenary conference during the November 5/6 weekend. We now have a bid from Russia for the 5th Yak-52 WAC, and it seems pretty certain that the WGAC will be approved for Torun in Poland. The full calendar can be found at

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WAC Bulletin #3 now available


The third and final bulletin preparing for the World Aerobatic Championships at Chateuroux in August has now been published. Pilots should note that the "Low" altitude is officially increased by 20m to 120 metres due to a Boeing 747 that is parked below the centre of the box, and naturally the disqualification height is also raised for this event to 70 metres. We also hear that scheduled training slots will be on the website very soon.

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