FAI Special Events

WACL signing ceremony in China


Many months of negotiations between CIVA President Nick Buckenham and British and Chinese executives from World Air Carnival Ltd., a UK based company dedicated to mounting a new series of aerobatic "World Air Master" (WAM) and "World Formation Aerobatic Championship" (WFAC) tournaments in China,

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The 2016 Sky Grand Prix in Durban, South Africa

The 2016 Sky Grand Prix FAI Special Aerobatic Event was held in brilliant sunny conditions right in Durban's city centre at Greyville Racecourse, South Africa on Saturday 28th May, and after an absorbing contest the classic combination was won with a margin less than 0.2% by local man Patrick Davidson in his Sukhoi-31 from Rob Holland (MX2, USA) and Nigel Hopkins (Extra-330SC, RSA). In the Freestyle programme US ace Rob Holland was as usual unstoppable, chased by silver medallist Aude Lemordant (Extra-330SC, FRA) and bronze local man Nigel Hopkins.
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