CIVA Judging Seminar material updated for 2017


The complete set of CIVA Judging Seminar reference documents and PowerPoint files has now been fully updated to 2017 standard, and is freely available to anyone wishing to stage a lecture or teach-in to international standards on "How to Judge Aerobatics".

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CIVA Judging Seminar material updated


The changes to the CIVA Regulations confirmed at the 2015 Plenary Conference in Budapest centred mostly upon the introduction of the Free Known programme in place of the previous Known (Q) and Free sequences, though in Aresti judging terms nothing new is required. One significant revision however relates to unwanted lines that Pilots draw between rolls and half-loops, and now we have clear instruction regarding how these should be downgraded. CIVA's updated seminar material now provides the necessary guidance in this newly revised area -

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Judge Selections for 2015 Championships - update 19/6

The Judging Sub-Committee has now published its findings at the conclusion of Stage-2 regarding the selection of Judges for duties at the three championships this year.
Last update: 19/06/2015 - NHB
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Judge Selection 2015, Stage 2 started


Hello all out there

Stage 1 of the Judge selection process for 2015 is terminated. You can find the standings as they are by now online at: 


Stage 2 is officially open with this email. This means the NAC’s, therefore you as the delegate, can nominate judges for the remaining slots at the 3 lines starting from now.  

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