CIVA Rules Proposals for 2017

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Following the July 1st deadline for rules proposals from delegates to be presented and discussed at the 2016 plenary conference in Romania later this year, CIVA Rules Committee chairman Matthieu Roulet has assembled the proposals received and this document is now available for download from the Documents page on the FAI / CIVA website.

These submissions will be reviewed for their glider content by the Glider Aerobatic Committee at Matko Airport in a few days time, and subsequently for the power items by the joint Rules and Judging Committee meeting on August 19th at Moravská Třebová - the day before EAC starts there.

When any issues raised at these meetings have been settled a final proposals document will be published there together with all the other official documents in advance of the plenary meeting that will take place in Bucharest over the November 5-6 weekend.


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