CIVA Contest Organiser of the Year 2017

Each year at every CIVA Championship all of the competitors and the CIVA officials are entitled to vote to establish which event organiser in their view provided the best overall championship. Votes are counted in nine separate categories, the overall average across all the events deciding which organiser wins the CIVA Championship Organiser of the Year Trophy.

Winners of this trophy have so far been:
    2015: The WGAC at Zbraslavice in the Czech Republic, with CD Vladimir Machulka
    2016: The WGAC at Matko Puszta in Hungary, with CD Tamás Ábrányi
    2017: The WGAC at Torun in Poland, with CD Jerzy Makula

For 2017 we have four eligible events, and voting is now complete.

NHB - 14/10/17