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CIVA Documents StorsCIVA maintains an extensive range of documentation to define the operational structure, content and management required of its aerobatic championship events according to FAI sporting principles.

Here are the up-to-date copies of CIVA's regulatory documentation and records, together with a link to a separate store of CIVA Plenary Meeting Minutes from the last 20 years. A more complete archive of such material is available from the CIVA Documents page of the official FAI website.

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Documents for CIVA Plenary Conferences

All documents relating to CIVA's Plenary Conferences are published on the FAI website in the CIVA Documents > Meetings section. Here you can obtain copies of the papers submitted to every plenary for the past 20 years, together with the subsequent Summary of Conclusions and the Minutes that record all the significant approvals and decisions.

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    CIVA 2016 Plenary Conference - Minutes

The 2017 CIVA Plenary Conference was in Aix-en-Provence, France from November 4-5.

    CIVA 2017 Plenary Conference - Bulletin #1
    CIVA 2017 Plenary Conference - Registration Form
    CIVA 2017 Plenary Conference - Summary of Conclusions
    CIVA 2017 Plenary Conference - Minutes

    Archive of past CIVA Meeting Minutes

Schedule for Reports that are due to CIVA in 2017

    CIVA Documents Deadline Schedule for 2017 v1

Free Known Programme-1 Design Guidance for Pilots

    CIVA Free Known Programme Guidance - Power Aircraft v2 2018
    CIVA Free Known Programme Guidance - Glider Aircraft 2018
    CIVA Power and Glider Free Known Master Figure files 2018

Regulations for the Conduct of International Aerobatic Events

    Section 6: Part 1 - Powered Aircraft 2017-1
    Section 6: Part 2 - Glider Aircraft 2017-1 
    Section 6: Part-3 - Power and Glider WAG and WG Events
    Section 6: Part-5a - World Air Masters (WAM) events 2017 v1.1
    Section 6: Part-5b - Formation Aerobatic Championships 2017 v1.1
    Section 6: Appendix FPS 2018 v1 (to Parts 1 and 2)

    For historic archived years - visit FAI CIVA Documents

Event Organisation

    CIVA Event Bidding form 2018 v1
    CIVA draft Organiser Agreement v2017-02
    CIVA Guide to Championship Organisation (GCO) Issue 2-2016
    FAI Casualty & Serious Incident Guidelines
    WADA Guidelines for Event Organisers
    WADA In-Contest Procedures for LOC's

Event Forms

    Free Known Programme-1 Check List for Advanced Power 2018
    Free Known Programme-1 Check List for Unlimited Power v2 2018
    Free Known Programme-1 Check List for Intermediate & Yak-52 Power 2018
    Free Known Programme-1 Check List for Advanced Glider 2018
    Free Known Programme-1 Check List for Unlimited Glider 2018
    Boundary Infringements Summary Sheet
    Boundary Judge Record of OUT's
    Chief Judges Flight Summary Sheet
    CIVA Judges Declaration of Ethical Behaviour
    CIVA Organiser of the Year Trophy voting form 2017
    Jury Event Final Report Form
    Letter of Agreement for Trophy Safety
    Protest Form
    Scoring Office Check List
    Take Off Times Form
    Wind Observation Form 2018

Power Final Freestyle Programme-5 sequence

    Unlimited Power Form-A
    Judging Summary Sheet

CIVA Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
Easy-reference data sheets for CIVA approved technical systems

    OpenAero sequence design software
    Aresti sequence design software
    ACRO contest results calculation software
    ACMS contest results calculation software
    Tablet based score-sheet scanner and transmitter

Judges Documents
    CIVA Championship Judge Application Form
    CIVA Judge's Personal Data Record
    CIVA List of International Judges
FAI Resources

    FAI Jury Handbook         -  visit  FAI Documents                      >  Other FAI Documents
    FAI General Section        -  visit  FAI Documents                     >  Sporting Codes
    FAI Statutes & By-Laws   -  visit  FAI Documents                     >  Constitution
    WADA Information           -  visit  FAI Rules and Procedures    >  FAI Anti-Doping

Upcoming Events

21st FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships

Opening briefing: 1.8.2018
Entry fees: Competitors 750 EUR 
Other team members: 350 EUR
Website: See
Contest ...

Thursday 2nd of August 2018

9th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championship 2018

Opening briefing: 1.8.2018
Entry fees: Competitors 750 EUR 
Other team members: 350 EUR
Websuite: See

Thursday 2nd of August 2018

22nd FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships

22nd FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships

Location: Deva Airfield (LRDV), Romania 
Dates: Training days: 
Contest days: 18.-28.7.2019 

Thursday 18th of July 2019