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Over the last 20 years our much increased reliance upon 'intelligent systems' that employ micro-electronic hardware and software to provide the answers to tough practical questions has helped CIVA to concentrate more time on the flying and less on the laborious job of addressing our rules and regulations. Sequence design and contest scoring are perhaps the most obvious examples, but also we now enjoy much simpler wind measurement systems and can continuously monitor glider altitude with fair accuracy.

There is however a short-list of other equipment that we don't have, that would make aerobatic life even better ... for example:

Cloud-base measurement

Various systems are in use at commercial and GA aerodromes that use lasers to measure the height of the cloud-base above the ground, but most are expensive and unsuitable for easy transit to the airfields we typically use for our events. A light-weight and portable unit to provide an instant read-out of the base of the local clouds would be very useful ... if you can help on this subject, please get in touch.

Aircraft location

On occasion some very expensive equipment has been contracted for use at CIVA championships to provide in real-time the precise X-Y-Z location of the aircraft in the box, and from this data it is relatively simple to deduce flight-path and velocity. At the 2009 Silverstone WAC an agreement was struck with a military supplier to use some equipment that via a suitably programmed laptop was able to provide continuous X-Y and height data, and consequently the accurate detection and reporting of box-outs and high/low excursions. This particular equipment was unfortunately extremely expensive and bulky, but if a more 'domestic' system were developed it would ultimately save a great deal of time and cost in place of the usual team of boundary judges ... again, if you can help on this subject, please get in touch.

Video feedback

Though not immediately applicable to classic championship flights, the use of light-weight off-the-peg equipment to stream HD cockpit video back to the ground at free-style and special events is very useful and has great publicity value. Such equipment is already available and with some technical expertise can provide a good solution, but as yet it is relatively complex to set-up and operate. No doubt this is coming ... so once again, if you can help on this subject, please get in touch.

What else ... ?

Our sport thrives on aeroplanes at the cutting edge of aerodynamic design and performance, and it is strongly in our interest to encourage and support any technical projects that can help us to move our standards and capabilities forward to provide a better environment for aerobatics to flourish. ... one final time, if you can help on any of these subjects or any other related benefit that comes to mind, please get in touch.


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