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    World Advanced Aerobatic Championships
    Radom, Poland 2016
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    The World Aerobatic Championships
    Chateauroux, France 2015
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    World Air Games
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2015
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    European Advanced Aerobatic Championships
    Deva, Romania 2015
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Next Event: British National Aerobatic Championships - Advanced & Unlimited

The UK Advanced and Unlimited National Aerobatic Championships are again at Sywell Aerodrome, Northants. Foreign Advanced and Unlimited pilots are welcome - please contact UK Head of Competition Brian McCartney



Thursday 29th of June 2017 - Sywell Aerodrome, Northants


5th FAI World Yak-52 Aerobatic Championships

This is an FAI / CIVA World Championship specifically for Yak-52 aircraft.
See http://www.civa-results.com for past events of this type.


Sunday 9th of July 2017

8th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships


International Jury
Manfred Echter - President
Madelyne Delcroix
Kari Kemppi

Chief Judge
Philippe Kűchler


Thursday 27th of July 2017

10th FAI European Advanced Aerobatic Championships


International Jury
Philippe Kűchler - President
Elena Klimovich
Tamás Abrányi
Chief Judge
Nick Buckenham


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

The World Games - Glider FAI Special Aerobatic Event

Wroclaw, Poland - 20th to 30th July 2017
WG 2017 website and calendar of events:

Thursday 20th of July 2017

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